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Transmission Line Hardware Spacer Damper Dimension 750Ø For Six Bundle

August 12, 2020
Protective fitting for decreasing Vibration amplitude and Grading shielding of Insulator string such as dampers spacers. Clamps, keepers and bracket are aluminum alloy. Dampers are elastormer. The other parts are hot-dip galvanized steel.
Each of conductors for long-distance and big-capacity super high voltage transmission lines are adopted two, four and more split wires. So far 220KV and 330KV transmission lines are equipped with two split wires while 500KV transmission lines are outfitted with three or four split wires; those super high voltage or ultrahigh voltage lines that higher than 500KV are matched with six and eight split wires. In order to keep the distance between the split conductor harnesses invariant for catering to the established electricity performance and reducing voltage gradient appeared on the surface so that the harnesses will not arouse electromagnetic force resulting in the interaction on short circuit, spacer is needed to be installed on the interval among different spans. Moreover the installation of spacer will be also helpful to remove the swing on span and aero vibration.